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Computation, design, optimization and production of permanent magnet electric motors and electric generators or their parts.

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About us

Optimag has been providing various electrical engineering design and production services since 1988.

The company produces items both according to the technical requirements (drawings) of customers, as well as using its own developments.

Optimag is unique because it has been using the combination of manual and machine work to create a flexible production system.

Therefore, it is possible to effectively switch between different types of products or manufacture several dozen types of products at the same time.

Linear electric motor

The rotating part of a linear electric motor is normally a three-phase winding. It can either use a toothed steel magnetic core or not to strengthen the magnetic field, i.e., the rotating part of the electric motor does not contain any steel elements. A flexible cable is connected to the winding.

The greater the stroke of the motor, the longer the cable should be and the longer the fixed part of the electric motor containing permanent magnets should be.

The transverse overall dimensions are determined by the value of the pre-determined traction force.

Today, the company's facilities are capable to produce linear motors in height varying from 30 mm to 200 mm and the length of the rotating part (winding) from 60 mm to 570 mm.

Dimensions can be changed upon agreement.


Rotary electric motor

Stator of the electric motor.

Stator packages are made from electrical steel plates (smooth or toothed) with a thickness of 0.35 mm or 0.5 mm glued together; they may have different overall dimensions depending on the power and purpose.

The three-phase winding of the electric motor is assembled from equally tightly wound coils. The number of winding poles is from 2 to 100.

Stators are manufactured in height from 35 mm to 250 mm and in diameter from 42 mm to 340 mm.

Dimensions can be changed upon agreement.